The Peppermill !


The Pepper Mill is a newly opened gem at Bandra. It’s has a lovely colourful decor and loads of seating available. They’re known for playing really good music. We interacted with a Chef Parag who recommended us a variety of dishes prepared by him. We left the choices on him and boy were we left surprised. The staff here is really helpful too.
We tried-

Breads and dips platter
Price- 365
The pepper mill prepares in house a variety of breads like Lavash, Focassia, Cross Buns and Breadstick. They served it with 8 different kind of dips including hummus, guacamole, peri peri mayo and a lot more. We truly enjoyed gorging on this platter. It’s a good choice for a date as it pairs so well with drinks and is fun to eat too.
Rating- 5/5

Cheese Nuggets
Price- 310
A kind of dish best eaten when hot. Mind you…

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Gaylord, Hello to Mumbai’s iconic restaurant



Here since 1956, Gaylord is a legacy. Situated at Churchgate, this restaurant severs North Indian and Continental dishes. It’s bakery section is known for retaining its age old flavours.

The decor of the restaurant will you a royal vintage vibe.
We tried-


Chili Cheese Toast-
Price- 320
Bite sized sandwiches of cheese with finely chopped chillies in between. It tasted good but for the price the quantity was very little.
Rating- 4/5


Kulhar ki Tangdi
Price- 520
Chicken drumsticks marinated and cooked in Bhatti masala. The chicken was tender and flavourful, but upon taking a few bites, you’ll find it extremely dry. The presentation of the dish is lovely, each drumstick is served in an individual pot where masala and salad is added. Again for the price we think only 4 drumsticks are too less.
Rating- 3.5/5

For main course we opted for:

Vegetable Au-Gratin-
Price- 505
It was mixed…

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Hitchki goes Bollywood



Hitchki particularly at bkc has been quite the buzz on weekends. You shall see hoards of people buzzing around there for its music, drinks and vibes.


So they have an entire menu themed based on movies and I was pretty impressed with the innovation of the names used.
Also secondly what I liked was the menu being so widespread. They had a huge amount of starters, burgers, soups, salads, pasta, Chinese dishes, chaat, Indian cuisine.
Let’s start with Chakna
We tried Ulta Punjab
Crisp Rumali + Masala Papad Mix . I liked this but would have liked more masala in butter to it.
They had this interesting section to the menu called “Back in time” which had dishes like
Irani & co
Hostel ka maggi
Andas apna apna
We tried Kuchi bhi
Hitchki take on vada Pav which had dabeli masala buttered Pav . I like the combination of the…

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The Great Indian Khichdi Festival, Good Punjabi food! Hello @Neel



We absolutely loved this place as the food taste and quality is standard .

I love the Mahalaxmi outlet for its beautiful decor and being by the racecourse .

The Powai outlet is more like an all day place with modern ambience and gives you best of both worlds – Indigo Deli and Neel. You can order from what you like.

We were craving for good punjabi food .

Cost would be ₹2000 for two.


What did we order ?

For starters , we ordered :
Nadru Ki Shami Kebab ₹415
Lotus stem and Bengal gram patty, cooked on an iron giddle
Absolutely succulent and delicious .


We loved their Khichdi .
It is absolutely a Bowlful of soul !
Rediscover regional khichdi and what not.
There was more than our imagination. There was from Kathiyawadi Khichdi to Maharastrian khichdi to Bisi Belle Bhaath to Kolumbichi Khichdi to Karnataka to…

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Umraan Regional, little traditional place in Bandra



Umraan Regional is a small restaurant in the by lanes of Bandra and right off the bat we can tell you it has a very homely vibe. Their menu is curated by taking dishes made by Indian mother’s from all over the country. From their spicy chettinad paneer to their fluffy parathas, this place is bound to bring back memories of your childhood.

First off, We tried the cheese corn samosas and they were heavenly. Hot, crisp and served with a mint and hung curd dip, the samosas made for a brilliant starter.


Along with the samosas we ordered the aloo sukha which did taste pretty good as well.


Moving on to the main course, we tried the paneer burjhi paired with the fluffy garlic paratha. The portions were very generous and enough for two. For desert we tried the lal gulla which was a red velvet rasgulla. At first…

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Taro Sushi Bar – In Review

It looks divine Chef Chris 👍

Tooting Hustle

It has to be said that Sushi is definitely in my top 5 foods in the world. So when I moved to Tooting, it was imperative I tried out the nearest sushi bar… And here we are!

As you can see they have  wide variety on the menu, so much so that my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach when I ordered, a starter, ramen and platter of sashimi and maki rolls. All the food was beautifully presented and made my mouth water every time other customer’s food was served.

One thing I noticed was not all the maki rolls were made properly, which may be due to the experience of the kitchen staff. Some of the rolls were not rolled fully and so there was not rice on all of it. It also took longer than necessary to be served, which may be down to it being a…

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Something From Nothing – Newspaper Pots

#AF&HN2014 says food is health and growing your own is the most healthy #chef-tips

Spade Fork Spoon

This time month is the time of year when gardeners and allotmenteers are starting to sow seeds ready for the season ahead. I’ve got loads of pots waiting at the allotment, but my seed trays have seen better days. I always try and spend the smallest amount of money I can at the allotment, so replacing a load of seed modules without having to buy new ones is desirable. A while ago we got a wooden seed pot maker; so armed with that and the newspapers from the weekend I set about creating some seed modules for my early sowings. Obviously using newspaper is great as it is always best to reuse rather than simply recycle. However, its other advantage is that seedlings can just be planted out in their paper modules; the newspaper will breakdown in the soil and allow roots to spread and establish. Its a little time…

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Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

#AFN2014 says `Love Making Bread as a Chef’ nice post and #chefstips

From Italy, With Love

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment.

For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever considered baking bread. That is, not at all. For Marco it was a well-lived fact, one he learned with love and experience from his great-aunt who lived with them and apparently often baked bread.

Now, three years later Marco and I were celebrating our first-ever Valentine’s day as a married couple at a cooking class, Pasta and Pane (bread), in a tiny room with other awkward couples and a chef telling us: “You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Apparently, the weather interferes with the yeast and the bread doesn’t rise well. See, like with most things…

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Roz and the Olive Oil Factory

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Roz Flies Off

I’m turning into one of those people who say things like – ‘oh, you’ve never tasted a mango until you’ve had one fresh from the tree’, or ‘you’ve never had a orange until you’ve picked it yourself’, or ‘you’ve never tasted a potato until you’ve pulled it directly from the ground and shoved it into your face, dirt and all.’ I’ve never liked those people, partly because it sounds pretentious, like they’re shoving their life experiences down your throat as if to say ‘look at me. Look. I’m interesting and exotic and well-travelled, pay attention while I speak of my life’, but mostly because I never got the chance to experience these things for myself and I was a bit jealous. But now I have I’m turning into one of them, I’m getting these life experiences and I have my own blog with which to shove them down other people’s…

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