Agreement puts environmental health at the heart of the public health agenda

Public Health England (PHE) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) today signed a memorandum of understanding designed to increase cooperation between the two organisations.

The agreement highlights the unique and invaluable part played by the environmental health profession in reducing social inequalities, improving public health and creating fairer communities. The memorandum is a valuable tool in putting environmental health at the heart of the public health agenda.

Key aspects of the agreement include:

  • the CIEH will be recognised as an external adviser to PHE on environmental health and issues relating to the profession
  • PHE will use the CIEH as a conduit for engagement with the environmental health profession
  • PHE and the CIEH will work together to develop the environmental health workforce in local government, central agencies and with business
  • PHE will agree priority workstream engagement with the CIEH as part of their work programming

The full text of the memorandum has been published online.