Care In The Community – Needs More Care

Yesterday had meeting with regional manageress of the Care Services providers, areas covered were simply, food and diet, together with basic care! As the eyes and ears our healthcare consultant had witnessed on the spot care of people, and was able to report his findings! Strange thing was, she was not aware of what her staff were doing!

Stage one: To all care managers be aware of what is taking place in the community, with your staff!

The application that tells us how we feel…

The application that tells us how we feel with our health issues, the problem is that we believe too much of what people tells us! The results can eventually be skewed in favour drug companies, should they want to put #profitb4people

Good Food Equals Good Health

For a long time now l have had to advise people on their dietary needs! Some take notice, but many ignore good advice and end up taking more and more medication! The answer is simple eat good, well prepared healthy food, and stop eating convenience processed rubbish. What you put in to your body will provide you with a healthy life, start young and live long. Remember the golden rule ” What you put into your body makes you what you become” More tips soon. CJ (Resident Chef) Follow me @AceFoodNews and put #good-food-equals-good-health on every tweet or retweet and thanks.