NYC Food Truck Lunch: Healthy Food leads to a Healthy Life by eating Health Salads filled with Nutritional Goodness is just one but finding it is somewhat difficult as Perry of NYC Truck Food found out #AceFoodNews – @AceFoodNews

#AceFoodNews – May.12: Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Health Chef Salad From Health Chef Inc If you read this column regularly, you’ll know that we’ve been trying to eat healthier lunches for the past few months, with one big exception.

Now along comes Health Chef Inc to make our lives easier in this department. According to the person taking our order (who appeared to be the boss), it was only their second week in business.

The menu is not exactly what the truck’s name implies. The first item listed is a burger with cheese/bacon/side of fries options and the second item is a Philly cheese steak. We’re not sure in what universe these lunches are considered healthy, but if you find it, let us know. We’d love to move there!

There was literally one salad on the menu, which is what we ordered. It cost $7, with an additional $2 to add grilled chicken breast.

If you’re looking for a traditional chef’s salad like you get in a diner (ham, turkey, egg, cheese, etc), that is not what you’ll get. That’s not to say lunch was bad. In fact, it was pretty good. It just wasn’t a chef’s salad in the traditional sense.

For this chef’s salad, they grilled a sliced, seasoned chicken breast with green bell peppers and onions. It was then served over mixed greens. Tomatoes, roasted red peppers and Italian dressing were added on top. You could have oil and vinegar, if preferred (or no dressing if you’re hardcore). The menu said cucumbers were supposed to be included, but they were nowhere to be found.

Between the seasoning on the chicken and the Italian dressing, the chicken breast had some nice flavor. The Italian dressing, the juices from the chicken, and the onions and peppers all upped the flavor of the salad as well. The mixed greens were a good selection, and made for a comfy bed for the other ingredients.

chicken salad NYC Food Truck Lunch: Health Chef Salad From Health Chef Inc

(credit: Perry R.)

Health Chef Inc is pretty mainstream and won’t change the food truck scene in NYC. You probably could have guessed that by the inclusion of “Inc” in their name. They’re the food truck equivalent of a decent corporate cafeteria, which isn’t necessarily bad, but certainly not groundbreaking.

For now, you’ll have to keep an eye out for Health Chef Inc. They don’t have a Twitter account, a Facebook account or a website, which is inexcusable your second week in business. Social media is the primary way a food truck can be found and spreads the word.

If you run across Health Chef Inc, you will likely get a solid lunch for $10 or less, but at this point in time, you can’t find out ahead of time where they will be for lunch. That makes it tough to succeed.

health chef inc truck NYC Food Truck Lunch: Health Chef Salad From Health Chef Inc

(credit: Perry R.)

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#DrinkGoodDoGood Campaign Raising Awareness, Produce Donations for Food Deserts

#AceFoodNews – Sept.29: Nearly 24 million Americans live in food deserts and don’t have access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. For the third year, fresh juice brand Naked Juice, a division ofPepsiCo, is partnering with Wholesome Wave — an organization that helps create affordable access to fresh, local and regional food to those in need — […]

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The top 10 foods with the biggest environmental footprint

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Article: Titanic’s last lunch menu expected to fetch up to $70,000 at auction

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Sorry to break it to you, but the Cornish pasty was NOT invented in Cornwall


Cornish pasty J Shepherd/J ShepherdCornish pasty J Shepherd/J Shepherd

#AceFoodNews – Aug.31: I was watching this on Jamie Olivier Britains food and he said just the same thing. So just had to post this article.

It turns out we have been lied to… and about a national treasure no less.

Cornish pasties are not from Cornwall, as the name suggests, but were in fact developed in London, 250 miles away from their namesake county.

Stories of miners having the pasties for their lunch and using the crust to prevent their dirty hands from messing up the meal are true, but they aren’t the same as the pasties we eat today, according to food writer Peter Brears.

He says that while the pasties developed in London drew inspiration from those found in Cornwall in the 1870s, they are vastly different in many ways.

These new pasties, which proved extremely popular in the urban middle classes, stood the… Read the full story

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Christine McConnell’s creepy cakes are too damn bad/good too eat

cake 1Yummy or creepy? (Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

If Morticia Addams was into baking, this is what her Instagram would look like.

Meet Christine McConnell, a gothic baker from LA with a skill for creating grotesque, ultra-realistic cakes.

The perfect antidote to saccharine swirl cupcakes in pastel-perfect tones, Christine creates brilliantly subversive images that dare you to eat them.

She, meanwhile, manages to be always immaculately dressed in glam 50s dresses and pinafores while relishing the deliciously dark twist she adds to everything she creates and puts on her Instagram, which now has over 144k followers.

These Waffle Cone Cakes don’t look like they want to be eaten…

cake 2(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

Christine originally trained as a hair and make-up artist, but taught herself to bake watching YouTube videos.


Cake 3(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

She manages to create astonishingly realistic looking cakes.

Some of which you wouldn’t really want to eat..

cake 4(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

And some are just downright terrifying…

cake 5(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

It’s no wonder she names her idols as Tim Burton, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, and Paula Deen.

(not a Mary Berry or Delia in sight).

cake 6(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

This little guy is made from a rather delicious sounding caramel pecan turtle cake…

gemlin(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

And last but not least, Christine’s take on a pineapple upside-down cake.

More tropical than scary, but still very cool.

pineapple(Picture: Christine McConnell/Instagram)

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Costa Rica’s green plans: Sustainable coffee, bikes, and clean energy

#AceFoodNews – Aug.20: Costa Rica has set an ambitious goal for itself: To be entirely carbon neutral by 2021. But it’s really not that crazy — just this summer, the entire country was powered entirely on renewable energy sources for 94 straight days. For perspective, your summer goals included finishing two whole books and losing that “hibernation Chipotle” weight — and how are you doing with those?

Watch Fusion’s video above to learn how Costa Rica is actively rejecting the idea that a developing country has to massacre all of its natural resources to compete in the global economy. If you’re into bikes, wind power, and sustainably grown coffee, you’re definitely going to like the looks of a carbon-neutral economy.

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