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“Detoxify Your Body with Detoxifying Mint Tea”

#AceFoodNews says need to detoxify after all that #ChristmasFayre then maybe this simple blending of “Herbal Tea” maybe just the ticket #chef-tips

Courtesy of: Heidi Swanson at: 101 Cookbooks

heidi101_101ymlplogo.jpg Blending your own herbal tea is a revelation. Once you start, it’s hard to go back to tea bags. This way, you’re able to shape your blends to be as simple or complex as you like. You control the flavour profile and ingredients entirely, it’s great. I liken it to making your own soup versus buying canned soup, and tend to bounce around from one blend to another. For a stretch it was this turmeric tea, lately it has been this detox-y ginger mint blend. The tea is green-tasting from mint and coriander, and fennel-sweet. The layered peppery-ness comes from black peppercorns and freshly muddled ginger, and with all sorts of beneficial goodness in it – lemon, cumin, the fresh ginger – it just feels good going down. You can pre-blend the dry ingredients and keep the in a small jar on the counter, making it easy to brew a cup. This pot made the drive to Big Sur with me. I poured it in a thermos, slipped it in my weekend bag, and sipped my way down the coast where we did some Christmas hiking (and surprise whale watching!). …

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Christmas Day desserts: profiteroles and meringue cake

#AceFoodNews says l was given some “Vacherin Cheese”, have you tried it? But l also used to work at a bakery – many moons ago and made these for a company called “Alveston Kitchens” and there contracts would include M&S, Trust House Forte to name but two.

Dorset Apple Cake Recipe

Here is one of the recipes from one of the people l follow on West Dorset Food this time for a favourite of mine: Dorset Apple Cake well here are the the pics and recipe courtesy of Vicky.

I know it also has cake in the title, but it is equally as good as a pudding with a good dollop of home-made custard on it!

This one is made using a single large (it was LARGE!) bramley bought from the Washingpool Farm Shop.

225g cooking apples, peeled, chopped, but remember to slice some for the top
Juice of ½ lemon
225g plain flour
1½ teaspoons baking powder
115g butter, diced
165g dark brown sugar (use 50g of this for the topping)
1 egg beaten
2–3 tablespoons milk
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Dorset Apple Cake

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F (gas mark 4).
  • Grease and line a 7″, round cake tin.
  • Toss the apple with the lemon juice and set aside. Sift the flour and baking powder together then rub in the butter, until the mix resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Stir 115 g of the sugar, the apple and the egg, mix well, adding a little of the milk at a time to make a soft doughy mix.
  • Transfer into your tin.
  • In a bowl, mix the 50g of soft brown sugar, sliced apple and cinnamon, arrange on top of the cake mix.
  • Bake for 45–50 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire cooling rack.

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Dorset Apple CakeWine: Jonathan Charles from Dorset Wine Company: “Just had a bite of the delicious apple cake and was hoping that the Somoerset Pomona would go well. I had one open so I gave it atry but sadly this seems a bit too spiritous and at 20%abv is overpowering. Without opening every dessert wine we have I am convinced that the best match would be theBaumard Carte d’Or Coteaux du Layon from the Loire. He is a bit of a superstar and the wine itself is a bargain – showing good honeyed fruit with citrus and green apple hints along with cracking acidity.”

Dorset Apple Cake

Dorset Apple Cake Recipe
If you do use this recipe, please send me your comments and even better please send me a photo of your cake and I will add it to this post Vicky@WestDorsetFoodie.co.uk

Corporate Trainers POWER FLOWER



Various homeopathic remedies

Various homeopathic remedies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just loved this from a person on Facebook and a Group l follow – really heartfelt!


Jeevani Wickramatunga posted in Corporate Trainers


Jeevani Wickramatunga
Jeevani Wickramatunga 4 October 18:53

Mind body health and beauty through flowers !!!!!!!

Silent brooding,anxiety,negative thinking,self-distrust,addictions,suicidal,jealousy,hyperactivity,repeating things,inattention,irritability,nervous,delusions,selfish,possessiveness,doubt,depression,hopelessness,over-talkative,lack of orgasm,suspicion,impotency,hysteria,learning disorders,insomnia,headache,insanity,quick temper,impatience,grief,mental tension,home sickness,inferiority,fear,guilt,confusion,panic,agony,aloofness,hatred,in chronic illnesses, under weight or over weight,delay in puberty,old age.

Could u ever believe merely such innocent but beautiful flowers can do sooooo much wonders???.
Yes..it is….
Powerflower is made of flower remedy combinations and produced by SAJEEVI HEALING HOME and these Flower remedies are invented and developed by Dr. Edward Bach about 80 years ago.

A prominent physician, Dr. Bach decided to leave his practice and focus on homeopathy. He left London and began researching plant essences and their effect on humans.

Dr. Bach isolated and classified 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 essences with which he succeeded in healing patients’ ailments while taking into account their individual emotional states. Dr. Bach found that certain flower essences led to self-healing, as they purified the patient of negative elements that adversely affected their health.

Bach Flower remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children. They are natural, non-toxic, and non-habit-forming. Moreover, treatment with Bach Flowers can be combined with other homeopathic or conventional treatments. While it is unusual for Bach Flowers to be used for physical symptoms, it is possible that through their use, the body will heal itself of symptoms as the patient reaches a balanced mental state.

Bach Flower essences aid in changing negative emotions and eliminating defective traits or attitudes in such a way as to lead to the patient’s peace of mind and contentment. Use of the essences aids in coping with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, guilt, worry, and many other disturbing feelings. The essences can help us to improve our emotional and mental state, thus balancing the body and the mind.

Bach believed that dew found on flower petals retain healing properties of that plant.The remedies are intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

The remedies contain a very small amount of flower material in a 50:50 solution of brandy and water. Because the remedies are extremely diluted they do not have a characteristic scent or taste of the plant. It is claimed that the remedies contain “energetic” or “vibrational” nature of the flower and that this can be transmitted to the user. Bach flower remedies are considered vibrational medicines, and rely on a concept of water memory. They are often labeled as homeopathic because they are extremely diluted in water, but are not true homeopathy as they do not follow other homeopathic precepts such as the law of similars or the belief that curative powers are enhanced by shaking and repeated diluting (“succussion”).

Bach thought of illness as the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s actions and outlook. This internal war, according to Bach, leads to negative moods and to energy blocking, which causes a lack of “harmony”, thus leading to physical diseases.

He believed that early-morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water, so he would collect the dew drops from the plants and preserve the dew with an equal amount of brandy to produce a mother tincture which would be further diluted before use. Later, he found that the amount of dew he could collect was not sufficient, so he would suspend flowers in spring water and allow the sun’s rays to pass through them.

As a homeopath I have been incorporating these those flower remedies with homeopathy for all my patients who came to me seeking cures for their acute and chronic mind body diseases since 13 years ago. These are administered just the same way homeopathic medicines are with sugar pills or tablets. I have seen amazing results of their quick cures including so called incurables to western medical system such as cancers in all body parts,psoriasis,arthritis,mental disorders,diabetes,blood related diseases and so on and on… The list goes on thus… So after researching with those remedies I made my unique combination of flower remedies called power flower to suit all individuals of all ages only differing the dosages according to the severity of the disease conditions.I have 100 YouTube videos of such cures in my YouTube channel called- jeevanihasantha, though in those most of the patients talk in Sinhala which is our native language. I hope this will provide you with some idea what are these flower remedies and why we all should use them everyday as a natural rejuvenating vitamin to make our lives happier healthier and more attractive like a flower. Www.jeevanihw.com.0094112823866.