Lessons in an Italian Cooking Class

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From Italy, With Love

“You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Three years ago when I had just gotten to Italy and Marco and I had just met, he told me this as if it was the eleventh commandment.

For me it was something new – I had considered weather influencing bread about as much as I had ever considered baking bread. That is, not at all. For Marco it was a well-lived fact, one he learned with love and experience from his great-aunt who lived with them and apparently often baked bread.

Now, three years later Marco and I were celebrating our first-ever Valentine’s day as a married couple at a cooking class, Pasta and Pane (bread), in a tiny room with other awkward couples and a chef telling us: “You can’t bake bread if it’s raining.”

Apparently, the weather interferes with the yeast and the bread doesn’t rise well. See, like with most things…

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A sunny morning in the City and Carnival Afghans (Egg Free)

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Lea Hogg


Another clear and sunny morning in the middle of February which I spend in the City with a great friend. And what you are seeing in the photo is my bake of today and the egg-shaped sweets are sugared almonds or Perlini and not a premature Easter recipe. We are approaching carnival week on the island in a few days.

As we sit at my favorite cafe in the sun ordering a second espresso, I ask Nigel our friendly waiter to watch out for another table so that we could follow the sun. Within a few minutes we are approached by two gentleman who overhear me and recognize my friend. They insist on giving up their table for her so that we can make the most of the sunshine … this is how popular she is on the island… popular and well-loved. So we sit in the warmth for the…

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The Olive Press

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The Second Cup

It was one of those places where it’s possible to step across a threshold, and suddenly be transported back in time.  (Two thousand years in this case)

In the Nazareth Village, located within the modern city of Nazareth, you can see carpenters, and other craftsmen and shepherds and merchants, going about their business as they would have done when Jesus was a boy. 

And at the far end of the village . . . was the olive press.

One of the villagers, dressed in period costume, explained the process necessary to produce olive oil.

First, the ripe olives are poured into a stone bowl shaped structure, about the size of a large dining room table.  A large stone wheel stands upright within the bowl.  This wheel is attached to a pole, which is attached to a donkey.  As the donkey is led around and around, the wheel turns, completely crushing…

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Roz and the Olive Oil Factory

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Roz Flies Off

I’m turning into one of those people who say things like – ‘oh, you’ve never tasted a mango until you’ve had one fresh from the tree’, or ‘you’ve never had a orange until you’ve picked it yourself’, or ‘you’ve never tasted a potato until you’ve pulled it directly from the ground and shoved it into your face, dirt and all.’ I’ve never liked those people, partly because it sounds pretentious, like they’re shoving their life experiences down your throat as if to say ‘look at me. Look. I’m interesting and exotic and well-travelled, pay attention while I speak of my life’, but mostly because I never got the chance to experience these things for myself and I was a bit jealous. But now I have I’m turning into one of them, I’m getting these life experiences and I have my own blog with which to shove them down other people’s…

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Kale and allotment snobbery

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gardeningvix's Blog

20140121-014309 pm.jpg

I do love vegetables, to me they are the ultimate plant. Many have long histories, they are fascinating to grow and the amount of varieties keeps even the humble carrot interesting, the best bit of it all, you can eat them!

This is a staple in our house, we all love it, Kale.

It’s a meaty veg with a proper bite to it. Tastes wonderful in stews with all sorts of meat, amazing with pasta or just on a plate with butter and cheese grated on the top.

One of the reasons I particularly love it is, well apart from it’s taste is, it looks beautiful. Curly Kale with it’s zig zag edged leaves, it’s adorable – it’s a tough old bird too. Especially the dwarf kind.

She’s not bothered about shade, full sun, soil type as long as the soil isn’t water logged she will grow through it all…

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Micro Greens

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gardeningvix's Blog

20140130-061210 pm.jpg

I was asked by a company called Suttons Seeds if I would like to try out some of thier new Mirco Greens kits, well how could any keen gardener say no?

They arrived today, gosh there where loads, all sorts of different kits. They appear to have a brilliant range. And Wow, they really did come at the right time too, as I’m am busting at the seams to do some kind of gardening and the fact you can do it all on a warm light window ledge, it’s perfect for frustrated gardeners.

What are micro greens? Basically they are young seedlings that are grown for their first couple of leaves. It says on the boxes these first leaves contain more nutrients and vitamins and are packed with protein, sounds good to me!

Each of the kits contain 3 generous packets of seeds, 3 growing mats, and a handy container…

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Apple Pie for dessert?

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Made by you and I

A few weeks ago someone made my pie. 🙂 She made me really happy. She said she had trouble making the crust, so I decided to make a tutorial. To do that, I made Apple Pie for Valentine’s Day. (I also made Strawberry Tarts, Apple Strudel, and Raw Apple Pies — more on those later.)

So, my tutorial is ready. Check out the result.

apple pie1

apple pie2

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