Pasta with chicken and peanuts

Cooking Without Limits

GAB_0197_res_mix Pasta with chicken and peanuts

I love pasta and most of the time I make it along the way without having a recipe. My favorite one is pasta Carbonara. It is a very heavy recipe for me: sour cream, cheese and bacon are a lot when you don’t have a gallbladder so I eat it maybe once a year.

But, because I love pasta and my little one adores it I am doing home pasta as light I can do. My little one wants meat with the pasta and white sauce and my husband loves pasta only with tomato sauce. He is putting even on Carbonara. Anyway, sometimes I am telling him that we don’t have tomato sauce at home so he would it the pasta the way it should be: with white sauce.

Last night I manage to make pasta that it is number one on my list. Chicken…

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