National Pie Week: Pie-Off in Special Collections

Echoes from the Vault

A woman rolls out pastry using a rolling pin, 1987-1988 by Franki Raffles

Until Maia moved to Scotland, she had never known that macaroni cheese and pastry went together. Now, Maia knows that you can put anything in a pie if you live here. However, this is not a new phenomenon, the idea of a handy pastry crust wrapping and protecting your lunch before the invention of Tupperware and clingfilm is an ancient one, and so is the mac’n’pastry combo. There really is nothing new under the sun. So, this week we are celebrating this portable food in National Pie Week by re-creating some historic pies, tarts and pasties from our collections.

The final pies made by staff in Special Collections

Two of our chosen pies, a venison and mutton pie and a macaroni pudding (pie), came from the Edwards family cook book (ms38783). This was a real…

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