Gaylord, Hello to Mumbai’s iconic restaurant



Here since 1956, Gaylord is a legacy. Situated at Churchgate, this restaurant severs North Indian and Continental dishes. It’s bakery section is known for retaining its age old flavours.

The decor of the restaurant will you a royal vintage vibe.
We tried-


Chili Cheese Toast-
Price- 320
Bite sized sandwiches of cheese with finely chopped chillies in between. It tasted good but for the price the quantity was very little.
Rating- 4/5


Kulhar ki Tangdi
Price- 520
Chicken drumsticks marinated and cooked in Bhatti masala. The chicken was tender and flavourful, but upon taking a few bites, you’ll find it extremely dry. The presentation of the dish is lovely, each drumstick is served in an individual pot where masala and salad is added. Again for the price we think only 4 drumsticks are too less.
Rating- 3.5/5

For main course we opted for:

Vegetable Au-Gratin-
Price- 505
It was mixed…

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