Musgrave Marketplace Christmas Party

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Halloween has just finished and it’s straight into Christmas!!!! I attended the Belfast Musgrave Marketplace Christmas Party on the 1st November where Christmas has just begun!!

The warehouse has all one needs when it comes to food, groceries, confection, drinks and snacks and lots more.

There is a very good and well stocked Christmas shop and my two girls were already decorating the house!!!

We were well plied with canapés of the savoury and sweet kind and we especially liked the salted caramel hot chocolates (Santa please make a note!!).

I saw a couple of innovations worth mentioning. The first was a wide range of biodegradable cutlery, containers and straws which were pretty impressive. Also there was a wonderful spiced gammon which can boiled and/or ovened and which looked and tasted great.

I think I will make a trip back to do my Christmas shopping….without any distractions!!

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