Bubble Tea Craze


One downside of living in a tropical country is its hot and humid climate which makes life really uncomfortable. To cool down we turn to cold refreshments.

One craze that stayed until now is the bubble tea. No one knows who really invented it but Taiwan reinvented it during the 1980’s. Bubble tea shops sprouted like mushrooms here since we love a cool refreshing drink.

There are many theories as to why it is called bubble tea. One theory is bubbles form when the drink is shaken up. Another one is because of the tapioca pearls that sits at the bottom. Those black pearls are addictive because there’s something in their chewiness.

But bubble tea doesn’t always have bubbles and tea in it. Bubbles usually formed when it has milk in it. The variety that has no lace of tea in it is the fruit flavoured juice with the jelly…

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