The Great Indian Khichdi Festival, Good Punjabi food! Hello @Neel



We absolutely loved this place as the food taste and quality is standard .

I love the Mahalaxmi outlet for its beautiful decor and being by the racecourse .

The Powai outlet is more like an all day place with modern ambience and gives you best of both worlds – Indigo Deli and Neel. You can order from what you like.

We were craving for good punjabi food .

Cost would be ₹2000 for two.


What did we order ?

For starters , we ordered :
Nadru Ki Shami Kebab ₹415
Lotus stem and Bengal gram patty, cooked on an iron giddle
Absolutely succulent and delicious .


We loved their Khichdi .
It is absolutely a Bowlful of soul !
Rediscover regional khichdi and what not.
There was more than our imagination. There was from Kathiyawadi Khichdi to Maharastrian khichdi to Bisi Belle Bhaath to Kolumbichi Khichdi to Karnataka to…

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