#Christmas Dinner for six has increased 14% on last year with the cost of many items from non-discount supermarkets rising above inflation after prices dropped in 2012 that are starting to rise again – @AceFoodNews

#AceFoodNews – Dec.03: Christmas dinner costs ‘rise 14%’

Analysis shows a typical list of 12 items would come to £64.25 to cater for six people.

That works out at a cost of £10.71 per person compared with £9.41 in 2015.

Separate research by Good Housekeeping found shoppers could get a bargain on Christmas food if they were prepared to shop around.

Prices were affected by uncertainty caused by the UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union, as well as normal economic forces as markets readjust following several years of deflation, analysts said.

Analysis by the BBC’s England data unit, using figures provided by mySupermarket, found average prices for turkeys, red wine, potatoes and sprouts have all risen above inflation.

And figures show the cost of a box of crackers has gone up 41% since 2015 with an average box costing about £10.90, compared with £7.73 a year earlier.