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#AceFoodNews – July.29: Lychee Ceviche Some dishes stick with you, long after the plate has been cleared.

Fresh Lychee & Snapper Ceviche

This is one such dish: a lychee ceviche from Accés in Barcelona, where we dined during our trip there last spring. It is one of those dishes that promptly imprinted itself on my brain after a single bite and I have not been able to forget.

Shortly after our return, I emailed the restaurant, gushing about how much I enjoyed or meal there and politely asking (ok, subtly begging) for the recipe. Lucky for me (and for you) they were happy to oblige. Granted, there were a few things lost in translation (like the lychees missing from the recipe and something called a ‘rocoto’ which google tells me is a hot red pepper) but I had the basic idea.

Fresh Lychee & Snapper Ceviche

That was over a year ago. Why, you might ask, has it taken me this long to actually make this delightful dish?

Well, it turns out fresh lychees and sushi-grade fish aren’t exactly easy to come by around here. You could use canned lychees, and I have a feeling Accés probably did, however I wanted to do this recipe justice. So I stashed this recipe away until the time was right.

That time is now.

Fresh Lychee Fruit

I stumbled upon a bag of beautiful fresh lychees in one of our local Asian markets a few weeks ago. Upon seeing the spiky pink fruits my eyes lit up and my stomach literally started rumbling. I grabbed a bag and practically skipped out of the store (don’t worry, I paid first) and headed straight for Whole Foods to get some fish.

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