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Set on an old disused container wharf, ‘Eat Street Markets’ is a wonderment of the senses. From aromatic international cuisines and boutique beers, to the enchanting sights and sounds of our live performers, Hamilton Wharf plays host to Australia’s most interactive container market experience. Extract from the Eat Street Markets Webpage.

A workmate said to MM “You should take your missus to the Eat Street Markets at the Hamilton wharf.” (Brisbane) and so he did. MM told me earlier in the week that we were going out Friday evening but was keeping the where-bouts under wraps. Around 30 minutes before it was time to go he told me where we were going so I could take the appropriate camera gear and wear appropriate clothing.

I quickly googled Eat Street Markets, worked out what I needed and off we went.

I checked BOM radar as we drove along. Cloud had been building up all afternoon and it looked like rain was coming. From what I could make out on the Eat Street Markets website, it was an open air market and I was worried about my camera. The radar was showing a few scattered showers but nothing too serious. I decided hand-held camera through the markets and hopefully if it was fine, I could set up the tripod and get some city shots on the way home.

Parking – There is paid parking next to the markets or you can snag street parking within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance. If you’re coming by City Cat, get off at Bretts Wharf.

$2:50 entry fee at the gate and you’re in.

Shipping containers have been used as shop fronts with a majority of the occupants selling food. There are a few speciality stalls scattered around the market place, a centre stage and plenty of tables and chairs, benches and a huge open grassed area to throw a blanket down on.

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People Old time Glass glow balls Stage Bugz Roses Eating at Eat Street Jazz Mrs Severus Snape

We spent the evening grazing from one vendor to the next. Although there were plenty of people around, there were “breathing bubbles” (empty spaces) if you didn’t want to be rubbing elbows with a stranger whilst stuffing burger in your face.

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Ate here twice Ate here Ate here Didn't eat here Drank here Didn't eat here Drank here Lads Desert here Ate here OKP

Before leaving Brisbane City we stopped at a couple of places to take some photos. It had been raining intermittently so I didn’t set the tripod up.

The Brisbane River



The Story Bridge

The Story BridgeThe Story BridgeThe Story Bridge

Brisbane City

Jazz ClubBrisbane City ParkBrisbane CityBrisbane CityBrisbane City

Brisbane City

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