As promised: Tiramisu recipe

Fantastic recipe our chef will love this thank you regards Ian

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(Lo prometido es deuda: La receta de Tiramisú)

Tiramisu is another Italian culinary contribution to Argentinean cuisine. It should not come as a surprise that with the successive waves of Italian immigration during the XX century, Tiramisu has become such an appealing dessert in this country.

In my previous blog: The Son of the Bride and Tiramisu, I briefly discussed  this remarkable Argentinean film, in which we are given the clue that mascarpone cheese is the key component of Tiramisu. As promised, below you will find the delicious coffee flavour recipe of my auntie Celia, in both English and Spanish, for those who would like to practise their Spanish whilst cooking a yummy yummy dessert.

I will insist, as usual, that the more you are exposed to Spanish language in context, the sooner you will achieve fluency of this language.

Recipe – Tiramisu (English)


  • 250 g of Mascarpone
  • 3…

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