North Sea Cod back on the menu after fish numbers finally show signs of recovery

North Sea CodNorth Sea Cod

There’s a finally a bit of good news for North Sea cod.

#AceFoodNews – Sept.25: Conservationists have taken North Sea cod off a red list of ‘fish to avoid’ eating, after fish numbers started to show signs of recovery.

North Sea cod fishing collapsed in the 1980s as a result of decades of overfishing and efforts to avoid catching the species when netting other fish.

Cod filets

But today the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) said they had revised their assessment of the fish and raised it to an ‘amber’ level four rating.

This means the fish can be eaten very occasionally rather than avoiding it all together.

Cod in basket on 20m trawler, North SeaCod in basket on 20m trawler, North Sea

MCS fisheries officer Samuel Stone said:

It’s fantastic to see this fishery finally off the red list. Years of sacrifice and a lot of hard work have led to population increases above dangerously low levels.

Whilst this is certainly is a milestone for North Sea cod, the job is not done yet. Efforts of recent years need to continue in order of for the fishery to head towards the green end of the spectrum.

He said cod numbers needed to rise and catches should be further reduced down to levels where they are being fished without depleting the population, with all cod stocks in the UK still being fished above that level.

North Sea Cod

Cod may never return to its pre-collapse glory days but the numbers are certainly improving.

Great news if you like fish and chips.


North Sea Cod

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