Sorry to break it to you, but the Cornish pasty was NOT invented in Cornwall


Cornish pasty J Shepherd/J ShepherdCornish pasty J Shepherd/J Shepherd

#AceFoodNews – Aug.31: I was watching this on Jamie Olivier Britains food and he said just the same thing. So just had to post this article.

It turns out we have been lied to… and about a national treasure no less.

Cornish pasties are not from Cornwall, as the name suggests, but were in fact developed in London, 250 miles away from their namesake county.

Stories of miners having the pasties for their lunch and using the crust to prevent their dirty hands from messing up the meal are true, but they aren’t the same as the pasties we eat today, according to food writer Peter Brears.

He says that while the pasties developed in London drew inspiration from those found in Cornwall in the 1870s, they are vastly different in many ways.

These new pasties, which proved extremely popular in the urban middle classes, stood the… Read the full story

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