Classic Gin and Tonic: 3 Ways

Gin & Tonic Cocktail: Flavored 3 Ways with Grapefruit, Strawberry, and Cucumber

#AceFoodNews – Aug.20: It’s high time you made yourself a nice cocktail, don’t you think? I mean, it’s almost 5’oclock, and it’s almost Friday at that.

The G&T is certainly not a complicated cocktail, but when it’s done right there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

But this post is more than just a plain ol’ G&T. Because as simple as it is, you can subtly flavor it with just about anything: fruit, vegetables, or fresh herbs. We tried the whole muddling thing and frankly it just came out kind of… muddled. Not the crisp flavor that you’d expect from a good gin and tonic. Rather, flavored gin-tonics should be treated more like infused waters: letting the flavoring element, whether it be fruit, vegetable, or citrus peel, permeate the alcohol on its own terms. If you like a stronger flavor, give it a good stir and let it sit a few minutes (add more ice if you need it). The longer it sits, the more pronounced the flavor will be.

Strawberry Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Barcelona adores their gin and tonics, and that’s what inspired us to create our own versions at home. When we were there this past spring it was definitely the thing to drink, with hip bars serving up gigantic cocktails in bubble glasses the size of your hand in myriad different flavors and varieties. It’s one of those cocktails that often gets overlooked because of its simplicity, but in reality we should be appreciating it even more because of that.

In Barcelona they actually offered a strawberry black pepper version, but we found the pepper to either be too subtle to even be worthwhile, or if you added enough to be able to taste it, it imparted a bitter flavor to the drink. Instead, find a nice peppery gin (like St. George Spirits’ Terroir gin) is a better option than adding actual black pepper.

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