Is Indian Food Healthy?

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How Healthy is Indian Food? 
posted Jun 28th 2011 HEALTHY LIVING


Indian food is enriched with dishes like broth-based lentils and pulses (dals), stir-fried and sauteed vegetables, lean meat cuts like the popular tandoori legs, and carbs from rotis. A nation that loves its rice, and idli too, the Indian diet is essentially composed of healthy ingredients. Then why is India called the Diabetes capital of the world, with childhood and adult obesity threatening the average Indian’s health? Here’s looking at how healthy Indian food really is, and how you can make it even healthier, while eating all your favourite Indian dishes.

The staple Indian diet consists of rotis, dals (lentils), beans and pulses, along with vegetables, rice, chicken and meat curries, and other meal accompaniments like idlis, dosas, chutneys, and uttapams. Given the length, breadth and diversity in this country, it’s next to impossible to list each and…

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