Gnocchi alla Romana 

italy on my mind

Gnocco (plural is gnocchi) is a funny word. It means a knuckle or a lump and up in the north of Italy it is colloquially used to mean a “simpleton”. In food terms though it is a dumpling that makes the loveliest of pillowy primi(first course), eaten with a huge range of sauces from basil pesto, to beef ragùor a simple sage butter. Most people think of gnocchi as being made with potatoes, hand-rolled and mixed with flour (but not too much or else you will get rubber bullets). But there are also pumpkin gnocchi, beetroot gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi, or even gnocchi made with left-over polenta. The ones I am writing about today are made with semolina and milk and there is no hand-rolling involved.

I first ate gnocchiallaRomana(Roman style) when I went to stay with my father’s sister in Lombardy in the 1980s…

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