What Do You Really Know About GMO Foods


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What Do You Really Know About GMO Foods

We found this article that is entitled – Does It Really Matter If You EatGMO Foods? we think after you read this article, you will think twice about eating food supplies that have been harvest from gmo crops.

Does It Really Matter If You EatGMO Foods?

The Denver Post LIFESTYLES posted in their paper on May. 26, 2015 that GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling is now part of a huge national conversation that started, ironically, after Dr. Oz was attacked as an enemy of genetically modified organisms (April 23, 2015 showing of “The Dr. Oz Show” – Denver Post)

Does it really matter if you eat GMO foods and should they be identified or labeled? If you have a concern about what you are eating, how it is grown, and where it comes from, then we would say YES.

Consider what is in genetically modified seeds, Round-up. Most…

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