Butternut squash ‘columbo’, homemade coconut milk & my pressure cooker..

#AceFoodNews – June.07: Just love watching Nigel Slater and agree wholeheartedly with your ‘ word for word ‘ comment. As a chef I have always adapted recipes myself and found the perfect solution for taste and completeness. It really works. Shared on here and also on Facebook like page and food group. #ChefCJ


I was watching the an old Nigel Slater cookery series recently, and he said exactly what I have said many times: that recipes are not necessarily there for you to take word for word, but to provide inspiration. I think this is so true. When you first start cooking, you do follow all the instructions to the letter, I know I did, but as your confidence grows and you start to feel bolder and more experimental, you realise that you can take a recipe as a suggestion and a guideline and play with it – I literally threw together a loaf of bread this week, which worked beautifully and made me inordinately proudly!! I’ve been doing a lot of that this week, there’s been lots of dishes being made and played with in my kitchen…

However, when it comes to pressure cooking, I’m still going by the book. My confidence…

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