‘ Pairing Foods for Nutrition ‘

News​ – June.30: This is a way to get food that is nutritious that are the makings of a great salad? You need fresh greens, of course, and then a layer of colourful vegetables like tomatoes and carrots.

That’s a good start. But to help the body absorb more of the nutrients packed into this medley, you may want to add something else: a cooked egg.

A small study published in May in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concludes that adding eggs to salads makes it easier to absorb the carotenoids in the raw vegetables. Carotenoids are the yellowish-red pigments that give carrots and tomatoes — and lots of other fruits and vegetables — their colour.

Two famous ones are beta carotene and lycopene. In addition to giving us those pretty colours, they’re also beneficial phytonutrients that help fight inflammation.


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@Telegraph Italy says EU Request for Powdered Milk in Mozzarella attacks their Cultural Heritage @AceFoodNews


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USA: New guidelines released on fatty foods

#AceFoodNews – USA:June.23: (CNN) — Fatty foods may be making a comeback. The latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which is due out later this year, could contain a number of big changes in its recommendations, not the least of which is an exoneration of fat.

Hints of these changes come from a report earlier.



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Gnocchi alla Romana 

italy on my mind

Gnocco (plural is gnocchi) is a funny word. It means a knuckle or a lump and up in the north of Italy it is colloquially used to mean a “simpleton”. In food terms though it is a dumpling that makes the loveliest of pillowy primi(first course), eaten with a huge range of sauces from basil pesto, to beef ragùor a simple sage butter. Most people think of gnocchi as being made with potatoes, hand-rolled and mixed with flour (but not too much or else you will get rubber bullets). But there are also pumpkin gnocchi, beetroot gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi, or even gnocchi made with left-over polenta. The ones I am writing about today are made with semolina and milk and there is no hand-rolling involved.

I first ate gnocchiallaRomana(Roman style) when I went to stay with my father’s sister in Lombardy in the 1980s…

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Sam Rasoi offered Indian Food Catering Chicago

Indian Vegetarian Food give it a try Chef CJ

Best Vegetarian Restaurant Chicago

Sam Rasoi is a tasty trip through Chicago’s rich and differing culinary legacy. Here we grasp the empowering soul of genuine Indian Food Catering Chicago: new vegetables, house-made breads and chutneys, Amish-raised chicken, in both customary and innovative new tackles this dearest ethnic food. At the absolute entirety of who we are and what we offer is legitimate India. Enlivened by our time in India, we need to impart to you what we found, what we cherish eating, and the individuals we now call companions.

Indian Party Catering

We need to impart to you the livliness and dynamic quality that has stimulated us to make another eatery brand, Sam Rasoi. Need to zest up your next office meeting, family get-together or party in the Chicago region? Sam Rasoi Indian sustenance providing food is here for you. From boxed snacks to gathering platters and custom smorgasbords, you can rely on OMango to bring…

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Article: Olive Oil Cake with Raisin Marmellata and Crème Fraîche

#AceFoodNews – June.20: Chef CJ says give this one a try:

Olive Oil Cake with Raisin Marmellata and Crème Fraîche the recipe can be found at the link below: Chef CJ


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