Zuppa di funghi (mushroom soup)

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italy on my mind

Mushrooms haven’t made much of an appearance on my home menu in 2015. I blame my busy-ness since I got back from Italy in mid-April but now that it is the end of May and winter is just about to set in, I find myself craving them. I dream about buying porcini mushrooms at the local market, those divine, fragrant, enormous almost meaty creatures that are common in markets in Italy in September. Sadly this is just about an impossibility in Australia. We have lovely pine mushroom, shiitakes, Swiss brown and field mushrooms, but there are just no porcini. Or I have never seen any. However, things might be changing. I recently heard of porcini being found in small quantities  in the Adelaide Hills and being sold at about $100/kg. I am thoroughly excited though quite alarmed at the price…

To celebrate the end of autumn I decided…

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