FOOD ADVICE: ‘ Good Morning America Featured a letter to Plum Organics over Investigating baby foods ‘

#AceFoodNews:May.25: As you may know from the recent segment on Good Morning America featuring our letter to Plum Organics (Campbell), we are in the process of investigating baby foods. As showcased in the GMA segment, many baby foods do not contain in any material amount the healthful and expensive ingredients prominently featured in the name of the product, and/or pictured on the front label.

We think it is nutritionally concerning and misleading that a package of lasagna with meat sauce is comprised largely of pear juice, for example, and that many of the foods are principally sweet apple puree or juice as opposed to, say, the labeled quinoa and kale.

We need your help to investigate and hold these companies accountable, if appropriate. So, if you’ve purchased or used any baby or toddler food from Plum Organics or Gerber in the last five years, please fill out this quick survey.

Your feedback will help inform and advance our investigation. You may forward this survey if you know of others who have purchased these products and have their consent to forward the survey to them.

Thank you!

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