Sugar and Taste – ‘ What’s your news and views on this ?

ELI5: Why does powdered sugar taste so different from regular sugar? If they are chemically/molecularly the same, shouldn’t they taste the same? : explainlikeimfive:

I’m also wondering if you could mix powdered sugar with water, allow the water to evaporate, and get granulated/regular sugar back. Also, I can make powdered sugar in a food processor; could I make powdered salt?

EDIT: I’m surprised and happy that I’ve had so much response! I’ve never posted anything but my own comments on other people’s threads before, and I didn’t know if anyone else would find this interesting. This has been awesome; I feel like a real Redditor now!

ALSO: For everyone saying that it’s due to the corn starch or other anti-caking agents, here’s the thing: I make my own and I don’t add anything to it. Try it, if you’ve never done it before and you don’t believe me- just put regular granulated sugar in a blender, food processor, mortar & pestle, or a clean coffee grinder and beat the crap out of it. And to the folks saying that it’s just that I expect it to taste different, try putting your homemade powdered sugar into your morning coffee and tell me what you think.

EDIT: I think I’ve found my answer! Thank you /u/Trees_For_Life. And thanks to everyone who responded to my questions, and to everyone else who just showed up to make dick jokes, too.