‘ Food Photographer of the Year Awards ‘

Stunning images from 2015 Food Photographer of the Year awards


Food Photographer of the Year 2015: David Griffen (Australia/UK) Smoked Wings

Category Winners

10 Years and under: Eden Crossley (UK) – Hey Macaroon

11-14 Years: Will Jenkins (UK) – Fig

15-17 Years: Emily Tapp (UK) – Spices and Spoons

Cream of the Crop: Sarah Coghill (Denmark) Fresh Gurnards

Ten Acre Food in the Field: Jake Eastham (UK) Gaggle

Partridges Food for Sale: Sally Stone (UK) Sun, Shadows & Fish

Food Bloggers: Michael Nowill (UK) Hand Made

Philip Harben Food in Action: David Griffen (Aus/UK) Smoked Wings

Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger: Mark Benham (UK) Food Stall, Obidos Mediaeval Festival, Portugal

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year: Victor Pugatschew (Aus)

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Jonathan Gregson (UK), Caramel Pears

Food for the Family: Chris Terry (UK) Family Meal, Chad

Pink Lady Apple a Day: Cath Lowe (UK) Cricketer’s Apple

unearthed Food in Film: Abbie Stewart (UK) Cider Shed

Production Paradise Food off the Press: Maja Smend (Germany/UK) Mondrian Battenberg

Bring Home the Harvest: Ian Thomas (South Africa) Cheek to Cheek

Food Sn-Apping: Lisa Barber (UK) Garlic

People’s Choice (Photography): Maria Valentina Dudu (Romania)Sheep Preparation

People’s Choice (unearthed® Food in Film): Barbara Zonzin (Italy/Netherlands) Choco Thriller

Politics of Food: Drina Cabral (UAE) The Hunter and the Hunted

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