Spaghetti Vongole

Honeyzee Hive

When I flipped through the Jamie Oliver Comfort Foods recipe book in store I imagined myself trying a new recipe everyday (like that boring Julia Child movie). I didn’t think about how expensive cooking can actually get it. I was also led astray by a well stocked pantry growing up and a mom that loves to cook. At 24, I have a more sophisticated palate  (ramen noodles only TWICE a week) with a lifestyle that can’t fund it.  I’m finding making investments in a home to be tricky when I have no intentions to stay long. For example, do I really need a £20 pan or will the £8 budget one do? Turns out the £8 pan was a terrible idea and I’ve been forced to eat scrambled only eggs for the past week.

Back to my point, we had a bit of trouble finding recipes that didn’t require a lot of…

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