Diet Pepsi drops chemical sweetener in an attempt to satisfy public pressure—was it necessary?

Yes 100percent

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In what seems like good news, Diet Pepsi has chosen to take out aspartame (a chemically-made sweetener that is widely speculated to cause cancer) in the U.S. market. On Friday, the company announced the change due to feedback by their consumers that ranked the ingredient as the number one cause for why people have scaled back from the pop.

Yet, the controversy lies in them adding another lab-fabricated additive–a mix of sucralose and acesulfame potassium, that closely resembles Splenda.

no aspartame

Now, reports have been floating around for some time about how aspartame is linked to modern diseases and that Splenda is the better choice, but official studies have proved that there is no real case to prove that and that such statements were based only on Internet rumours. The Food and Drug Administration have time and again approved the use of aspartame concluding its safety, saying it is “one of the…

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