Article: my favorite buttermilk biscuits

#AceFoodNews – May.31: I won’t lie: I generally feel — being a Jewish kid from suburban New Jersey — about the least qualified person on earth to talk about biscuits.

My grandmother didn’t make biscuits. I am almost certainly the first person in my family to keep my fridge regularly stocked with buttermilk.

And growing up, our breakfast breads were a rotation of Thomas’ English muffins, bagels and maybe corn/blueberry or bran muffins, so it’s not like I have a deep well of biscuit nostalgia to tap into when I decide, on a whim, that what our morning, slicked with heavy snow, really needs is freshly baked biscuits.


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Article: Nigel Slater’s summer salad with meat recipes

#AceFoodNews – May.30: One of my favourite cooks and food writer. Well worth a foodie read.

Nigel Slater’s summer salad with meat recipes


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Article: On the Tonkotsu Ramen Trail: From Its Birthplace in Fukuoka to the Boom in Bellevue and Seattle

#AceFoodNews – May.30:
On the Tonkotsu Ramen Trail: From Its Birthplace in Fukuoka to the Boom in Bellevue and Seattle


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Zuppa di funghi (mushroom soup)

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italy on my mind

Mushrooms haven’t made much of an appearance on my home menu in 2015. I blame my busy-ness since I got back from Italy in mid-April but now that it is the end of May and winter is just about to set in, I find myself craving them. I dream about buying porcini mushrooms at the local market, those divine, fragrant, enormous almost meaty creatures that are common in markets in Italy in September. Sadly this is just about an impossibility in Australia. We have lovely pine mushroom, shiitakes, Swiss brown and field mushrooms, but there are just no porcini. Or I have never seen any. However, things might be changing. I recently heard of porcini being found in small quantities  in the Adelaide Hills and being sold at about $100/kg. I am thoroughly excited though quite alarmed at the price…

To celebrate the end of autumn I decided…

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Toasted Coconut Banana Pudding

Really nice Chef CJ

Cook Plate and Fork

Toasted Coconut Banana Pudding - Top View

Our pudding is referred to as “Toasted Coconut,” because it has that appearance of being toasted as we used coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is like brown sugar in appearance, but doesn’t have the same effect on blood glucose in the blood stream. In other words, it does not spike your sugar levels.

The Glycemic Index of coconut sugar is 35 as reported by the Philippine Coconut Authority, the largest supplier of coconut sugar along with Indonesia. 35 is classified as a low glycemic food.

Coconut sugar has many natural occurring nutrients, including magnessium, potassium, zinc, iron, B vitamins, and amino acids. Because it is unprocessed, the nutrient content is intact, unlike refined white table sugar.

Coconut sugar is actually more sustainable than sugar cane. The coconut palm tree produces up to 75% more sugar per acre than cane sugar, while only using 20% of…

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Article: A lot of dark chocolate has milk in it—even when it says it doesn’t

A lot of dark chocolate has milk in it—even when it says it doesn’t–even-when-it-says-it-doesnt/2015/05/27/44662b9137746717f3229f1593f2e286_story.html?tid=kindle-app


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