BIRDS, BEES & BUSINESS: ‘ Protecting Our Environment, Flora & Fauna from the Ravages of Business ‘

As an ardent florist and with my brother being very involved in gardens and growing everything from seed,also protecting our pollinators.

I thought this was a wonderful post well worth sharing:

On a recent walk from my country home I counted 25 different species of wildflower in under an hour and I suspect that many people in France — even those living in more urban environments — would not be hard-pressed to find a similar display.

Spring seems to have moved in with unusual speed this year and certainly in rural areas, flowering plants are responding with considerable vigour.

Many Maries (local Mayors) have opted to allow village verges to flower before they mow them and the result is pretty spectacular though we wanderers and walkers are mere spectators to an enlightened approach clearly beneficial to wild bees and other all-important insects.

Last year saw the ban in Europe of many pesticides containing neonicotinoids, mainly in response to fears that they might be related to large scale colony loss disorder presently affecting honeybee colonies throughout the European Union.

Two of the major pesticide producers, Syngenta and Bayer Cropscience, are presently suing the EU in an attempt to have that ban overturned.

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