FRANCE: ‘ Farmer Grows Prized Tomatoes in Abundance & it is All in the Seeds ‘

#AceFoodNews – FRANCE:April.19: Pascal Poot is a French farmer unlike few others. On the stony, arid and seemingly infertile slopes of his farm near Lodève (Hérault) he grows highly-prized tomatoes in abundance without water, fertiliser, pastoral care or pesticide.

His ancient farming technology fascinates French biologists and agricultural specialists who are working to preserve the varieties of seeds he has developed over the years (which include the Poire jaune and Noires de Crimée tomato varieties) along with his ancient and little-used farming methods.

For it is the latter especially that are considered to be a striking success illustrated by the fact that his farm’s soil is so dry and undernourished that the 50-year old oaks on it remain stunted, and gnarled, struggling to reach the height of your average local.

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premium popcorn – food


We’re a popcorn family. Popped up in the microwave with a little melted butter and salt added, eaten with chopsticks ( the kids discovered this to keep from getting their fingers greasy and it’s become a family tradition ) popcorn is the perfect movie food for at home while we sprawl across the couch or lounge in the recliner chair.

But can popcorn be gourmet ? Can you get popcorn non GMO grown from a family farm? Will it taste better ? The answer is a resounding yes.

GMO free popcorn from a family farm in Iowa. GMO free popcorn from a family farm in Iowa.

It pops up with a crisp fresh flavor, and the butter and salt burst on your tongue. Alas, it’s chopstickability is the same as regular popcorn, but for those of us without greasy fingers – we just say it lasts longer. We tried butterfly ( which pops with a little hull ) and…

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