BUONA PASQUA con sapore ‘ Happy Easter ‘

#AceFoodNews – Featured Recipe: April.04: If you enter my mother in law kitchen this week you would certainly smell just baked delicious cakes.

It is a tradition for her to prepare every year pastiere (recipe here), tortani, and a lot of other sweet things. She usually starts on Holy Thursday or earlier because a lot of the cakes are for family and friends. It also true that the pastiera has to be prepared in advance to get the flavors well amalgamated before to serve it.

This is the result of her work, I could not resist to share it.

The kitchen is a small world where culture melts with the feelings and unique flavors of our tradition.

When you cook with passion you transmit love, I see that in my mother in law who patiently prepares all these sweets during the holidays. I see this love also when my mom in spite her health issues still continue to prepare food for the whole family.

There are aromas, scents and memories that no chef will never able to create.

Those are part of our lives and remain indelible in our memory and will always accompany us regardless of which part of the globe you are.

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