Sketch of the day no 499 in my art journal: Tequila Sunrise featuring Tiqi the puppy ♡


The Happy Hour series continues into the weekend. Today’s sketch of the day in my art journal: Tequila Sunrise featuring Tiqi the puppy ♡
Tiqi is another of my friend’s dog. She was recued from the pound and now lives happily ever after with her friend Kahlua who was rescued from the street. They are both really lovely dogs. They can be boisterous at times but every time I see them, they make me go ahhhhhh…….I just want to hug them.
Happy weekend xoxo

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Sketch of the day no 498 in my art journal: Kahlua says, “Don’t worry, be happy!”


Sketch of the day in my art journal is from my new happy hour series. Kahlua the dog says, “Don’t worry, be happy!” This is a collaboration with my friend Lily. We get together for drinks and come up with ideas for my sketches. HAPPY FRIDAY! xx

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#AceFoodNews – BRITAIN:Jan.16: Easter is still far away, but in the United Kingdom, the weeks after Christmas are when stores begin stocking Cadbury’s iconic Creme Eggs — those foil-wrapped chocolates filled with gooey"whites" and "yolks" made of candy.

For many people there, the eggs aren’t just sweets — they’re "edible time capsules that take consumers back to their childhood with every mouthful," as the U.K.’s Telegraph put it.

Perhaps that explains why Cadbury’s decision to tweak both the recipe and the packaging for the eggs is leading to outrage across Britain, leaving chocolate lovers, as one headline declared, in "shellshock!"

And what exactly did Cadbury do? For starters, the confectioner reduced the number of eggs in a pack from six to five. More importantly, it also changed the recipe of the chocolate shell.

A spokesman for Cadbury told the British tabloid The Sun that the company’s signature Dairy Milk, which has been used to create the chocolate shell for more than four decades, will be replaced with "standard cocoa mix chocolate." The British press describes consumers as "enraged," "furious" and "up in arms" over the news. (Editors’ note: For the record, American Cadbury Creme Eggs are staying the same — the shell is made by Hershey’s. We think the British version is tastier.)