Roast chicken with fennel and orange

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italy on my mind

Spring has well and truly arrived in Melbourne. Farmers markets have a bounty of broad beans, golden beets, asparagus and baby artichokes, and tomato seedlings are ready for planting, hinting that summer is not too far away.


Spring also means farewell to winter greats – oranges and fennel – which have brightened many colder winter days, and go so well together. I am sad to say farewell to oranges in particular (though I know we can buy imported ones all year round). I just love pairing these two ingredients together – fennel and orange salad has been a staple through winter, though I seldom cook fennel. A couple of weeks ago I paired them in a roast chicken dish. I love cooking whole chickens – they feel like a celebration of spring. I was inspired by Alastair Little’s “Pollo alla Orvietana” – which has 40 cloves of garlic and 40…

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