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While seaweed, or sea vegetables, is becoming more familiar to us in the west, many people still want to know how to incorporate it into their meals. This recipe is a great way to enjoy more of these nutrient-rich foods.

Seaweed Rice

Seaweed RicePrep and Cook Time: 35 minutes


  • 2 medium pieces wakame, (2 TBS soaked and chopped)*
  • 2 TBS chopped dulse seaweed
  • 2-1/4 cups warm water
  • 1/2 medium onion, minced
  • 2 large cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 cup long grain brown rice
  • salt and white pepper to taste
  • *For more on Sea vegetables.


  1. Chop garlic and mince onion and let them sit for 5-10 minutes to enhance their health-promoting benefits.
  2. Rinse wakame, and soak in the warm water. After 5 minutes, squeeze out the water from the wakame and chop it. Save water.
  3. While wakame is soaking, chop the dulse.
  4. Heat 1 TBS of seaweed soaking water in a medium saucepan. Healthy Sauté chopped onion over medium heat for 2 minutes, stirring frequently. Stir in garlic, rice, chopped wakame, dulse, and the water in which the wakame was soaked.
  5. Bring water to a boil on high heat. As soon as it begins to boil, reduce heat to low and cover. Cook for about 35 minutes. Season with salt and white pepper to taste.

Serves 4 as side dish

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In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Seaweed Rice

Healthy Food Tip

I was wondering on what you thought when it comes the high fat content of tofu. plant protein.

The fat content of tofu is primarily healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats with very little saturated fat. Tofu is a rich source of the essential omega-6 and omega-3 fats that are required daily by the body for many physiological functions. Importantly, the fat profile of tofu is much healthier than most types of meat.

As background, fats are probably the most complex of the macromolecules in foods because there are so many different types of fats. Unfortunately, fats have been given a bad reputation, in part because fat is the way we store excess calories, and in part because saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, and cholesterol have been asociated with health conditions like cardiovascular disease and obesity. The facts are, however, that not only are all fats not bad, but some fats have been shown to be health-promoting, and some fats are absolutely essential for your health. So, when you think about fats, the quality of the fat, and therefore the quality of the food from which you are getting the fat, really matters. We would encourage you to read more about the essential role of fats in the body via this article on our website: A New Way of Looking at Fats

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New way of cooking … thanks: I first started visiting the web site then I ordered the book for my daughter. My steamer pan was handy once in a while … now it is essential. The mix of vegtables and grains and cooking tecneques has taken vegetables from side dish to main dish. It is great and fun. – GA

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