‘ Great Chocolate Cake Recipe ‘

#AceRecipeNews – August 02 – The word ‘consulting’ always sounds like a dream job when you’re stuck working in a restaurant kitchen, slaving over a hot stove, on the line.

​As a consultant, it sounds like you sweep into a kitchen, where the staff welcomes you with open arm as their saviour, and you magically transform the meals coming out of the kitchen into extraordinary feats of culinary magic.

So for Sugar High Friday #27, Chocolate By Brand, the premier online dessert event started by the fabulously sweet Jennifer of Domestic Goddess, I decided to make this cake with ScharffenBerger chocolate. And in fact, it’s a variation of myChocolate Orbit Cake from my book Ready for Dessert, although my editor nixed the name Chocolate Idiot Cake for some strange reason.

John Scharffenberger, was always a big fan of this cake, since it allows their chocolate to shine, and when John and Robert Steinberg were working on their book, The Essence of Chocolate, John wanted to definitely include this recipe, which I was happy to oblige them with as thanks for introducing me to the world of handcrafted chocolate.

The first time I tasted their bittersweet chocolate, it was truly a revelation for me. I’d never tasted handmade, small-batch chocolate in my life and from that moment on I was hooked. And although the company was recently bought, I still hold their chocolate in high esteem and wish I had easier access to it (as well as stock options!)

But one of my guests brought me a lovely tablet of their chocolate as a gift, which I was saving for when I needed to bake something special. So I melted it down for making this cake. The chocolate is exquisite, dark, and very intense, with a highly-complex flavor due to the careful blending of nine different cocoa beans, each individually roasted to bring out their particular characteristics. It’s perfect for using in a cake where chocolate is the one-and-only flavor.

And boy, what a flavour it is.

Great Chocolate Cake Recipe by David Lebovitz