‘Recipe of the Month’

#AceRecipeNews – Rick Stein – June07 –

Dover sole à la meuniére
“I think this is one of the best classic French dishes and one that we dare not take off the menu as it’s so popular.

The name translates as ‘in the style of the miller’s wife’ which refers to the fish being dusted in flour before cooking. If you are a celiac you can always use gluten free flour, it works just as well.

Dover sole has white flesh and is firm to the touch with an almost sweet taste; here in Padstow we always use fresh Cornish Dover sole to complement the sauce.

Since it’s a classic dish we serve it in a classic way, on the bone. Of course our waiting staff always offer to bone the fish at the table should a customer prefer it.

Enjoy and don’t forget to tweet me pictures of your dish – @StephDelourme.”

Recipe chosen by Stephane Delourme, head chef atThe Seafood Restaurant and taken from Rick Stein’s Seafood courtesy of BBC Books.


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