An appetite for love? Study finds hungry men are more attracted to larger women



Who is more attractive? It might depend on what you had for breakfast (Picture: shvili)

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, but depriving him of it might help as well.

A new study shows that the contents of a person’s stomach can influence the type of mate they will seek out.

Psychologist Dr Viren Swami of Westminster University asked a group of men in various stages of hunger to rate a selection of women’s attractiveness.

He found that those who hadn’t eaten for a while tended to be more drawn to curvy women.

However, the research also found that the lust for voluptuous ladies sometimes wore off after the men had eaten a good meal.

While presenting his research to the Cheltenham Science Festival, Dr Swami said: ‘Hunger can change your perception of who is attractive.’

‘If a man is hungry they prefer a slightly larger breast size in women. They…

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