Spriss Juice: Addis Ababa’s Multicolored Delights

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Ethiopian Wanderlust


Discovering simple and healthy refreshments that prompt sighs of contentment is one of life’s supreme bliss. And it took a trip to one of Addis Ababa’s Atkilt Bet (Vegetable Shops) to discover Spriss – a multilayered fruit juice that becomes one of Ethiopia’s colorful enchantments.


Here in Addis Ababa or other parts of the country, Atkilt Bet (vegetable shops) are usually a one small room which is stuffed with different kinds of products that serves as a mini supermarket from the inside and of course embellished with the colorful and fresh fruits and vegetables from the outside.


Customers pick their chosen fruit or vegetables from outside and could also get packed products from yogurt to biscuits from inside. Even though this one room store might look small, it also serves as Chimaqui Bet (Juice Bar) for customers who wants sit for a while and enjoy the fresh, delicious and satisfying Ethiopia’s…

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