A very American day… Broccoli and Hazelnut Shell Bake

#AceRecipeNews – Nice Really Nice 🙂

Lea Hogg


The garden this morning is beautiful and it seems a bit chillier than the previous years i have been here .. a later start to the blistering heat that I love.

Another landslide victory for Labor in the EU elections and Brian’s mum Nancy shares a lovely message with me this morning.


And what’s cooking in the heart of the Mediterranean today? Some healthy pasta shells that I filled with a mix of broccoli, hazelnuts and ricotta and baked in the oven to make a surprisingly light dish as I only used a teaspoon of butter and to bind the filling I added no flour.


I used 10 giant pasta shells and this serves 3 to 4 persons.

You will need:

10 pasta shells

75g uncooked brocolli
50g hazelnuts
100g ricotta and for those whi live on the island i have made them also using gbejnas to produce an even…

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