Six Layer Lemon Cake

#AceRecipeNews – Six Layer Lemon Cake

annie's cooking lab

Six Layer Lemon Cake ~ Annie's Cooking Lab

Last month I was able to spend a week visiting my mom in Colorado. The drive out there was a series of unfortunate events that included a malfunctioning car, heavy snowstorms, and massive construction delays, but it was definitely worth the trip. My mom had to travel one night while I was there, so with the kitchen to myself, I decided it was time to bake a cake. I love baking cakes that have different types of filling and frosting. While they do take a bit of time, the end result is so delicious and I just enjoy the process of being in the kitchen.

When I was assembling the layers for this Six Layer Lemon Cake I was pretty sure it was going to taste incredible, and it managed to surpass my expectations! The cake itself is soft, moist, and lightly flavored with lemon, the layers of the cake alternate between…

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