A hazelnut cream.. we love Bouza ! (Low sugar, gluten free, egg free)

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Lea Hogg


As I dig deeper into the Mediterranean kitchen I become more familiar with the cuisine of Tunisia.

I was served the most amazing hazelnut dessert for lunch last week at Her Excellency’s official residence.

For me this hazelnut cream beats creme brulee and tiramisu, not because they are not great desserts as they will remain classics, found in every corner of every town in the world but like everything else we are in need of something new with the same appeal and this dessert is egg free, gluten free and I have also reduced the sugar content of the original recipe. I cannot say any more but you must try it !

It is very easy to make. The cream is poured into glass containers while it is still warm and it sets beautifully. If you want to stretch a bit further and have time on your hands, try…

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