Meet the breakfast cereals that want to destroy you

#AFHN2014 – Destroying Children’s Lives with Cereals that Taste Nice and Sweet ! Disgraceful


There’s a breakfast cereal out there that’s 88 percent sugar: Lieber’s Cocoa Frosted Flakes. Basically, it’s a bowl of sugar, with some cocoa for flavor and grain for crunch. Plus a little sugar on top. It’s gluten-free — probably because the makers wanted to make more room for sugar.

That’s an extreme example, but not as extreme as you might hope. An analysis by the Environmental Working Group shows there are 12 common breakfast cereals that are mostly, that is, more than 50 percent, sugar. On average, children’s cereals are 34 percent sugar by weight. Compare that to ice cream, which is usually around 15 percent sugars.

“Kids are eating two to three times the recommended amount of sugars in their cereals,” said Dawn Undurraga, a nutritionist, EWG consultant, and co-author of the report. “It’s just totally out of the ballpark of what people should be eating.”

This is…

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