A Warm Sweetcorn & Garden Pea Ebly Salad


Shivaay Delights


Ebly is a wheat berry where the entire wheat kernel (except for the hull), composed of the bran, germ, and endosperm is in tact. Wheatberries have a tan to reddish brown color and are available as either a hard or soft processed grain. They are often added to salads or baked into bread to add a crunchy texture. When wheat berries are milled the resulting flour is whole wheat
This side dish is often called Ebly, from the name of the first brand of cooked wheatberries.


My parents first came across this gorgeous grain at a close aunt’s house. She had made a wonderful dish with a variety of vegetables and Ebly and my Mum especially couldn’t stop raving about it! She loved it so much that she instantaneously that week went and bought some. Low and behold I got her Ebly vegetable dish to try out straight away. I…

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