Coconut panna cotta with earl grey and lavender caramel


In Vegetables We Trust

I was inspired to make panna cotta recently after seeing Ann’s awesome version of the classic Italian dessert here. This is how I have seen it made in England, as usual we are most likely doing it wrong over here, but its still tasty! I have used a gelatin substitute called veggie set that you should (hopefully) be able to get via your local health food shop, its made out of carrageenan, a type of seaweed and sets things pretty darn well! The caramel sauce gets really thick over night so I recommend making it on the day you serve the panna cotta and using the rest on pancakes the next day! 

panna cotta

For the panna cotta:
1 can coconut milk
1/4 cup almond milk
1 tsp vanilla bean paste 
the finely grated zest of 1 lemon
3 tbsp unrefined golden caster sugar
1 tsp vegeset

For the caramel…

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Pomegranate, lime and rose sorbet.


In Vegetables We Trust

No posts for a while, and i have the usual excuses for non-frequent blogging that can be summed up by saying “sometime life be cray cray”. But sometimes you need to take a day out from all the cray and spend some time stirring sorbet at regular intervals. It’s very therapeutic ya know.

I love this recipe, cause, well, i cant commit to buying an ice cream maker (one of many, many life problems). You can easily switch this up by using raspberry juice or whatever juice has been sitting, neglected, in a tetra pack carton at the back of your fridge. Switch up the flavors and make this recipe your own, if you choose to go with the rose/pomegranate/lime combo however, you are left with a sorbet that makes a beautifully fragrant pallet cleanser after a fiery meal. So chillax with a glass of something and eat the whole…

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`Food for Humanitarian Purposes with the Name of Iran on Paperwork Has a Problem ‘

AceFoodNews – TEHRAN – May 11 – Payment problems are disrupting commercial food cargoes to Iran, with hundreds of thousands of tons of grain and sugar stuck in transit, as Western banking sanctions complicate deals and trade financiers scale back exposure.

IRAN-EXPORTS-SANCTIONSIran is not barred from buying food or other “humanitarian” goods under sanctions imposed over Tehran’s pursuit of nuclear technology, but measures by the European Union and the United States have made trade more difficult over the past two years.

Several international trade sources, with knowledge of deals that have been affected, told Reuters that ships carrying cargoes of grain, including wheat and soybeans, as well as raw sugar, have been stuck for several weeks outside Iranian cargo ports such as Bandar Imam Khomeini and Bandar Abbas.

With evidence of people starting to stockpile food and prices rising following cuts in government subsidies, Iranian officials acknowledged to Reuters that there are import problems, notably due to reluctance among international banks.

One European trade source said: “There are problems getting paid on deals and Iran looks to be struggling on the trade finance side. It comes down to the banking complexities, which have held up cargoes for a number of suppliers.”

Several trade sources point to growing difficulties opening letters of credit, vital to ensuring smooth delivery of goods.

“Western banks are unwilling to get involved,” a second European trade source said. “As soon as the banks see the word ‘Iran’ in the paperwork, you get it rejected.”


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