Vintage Kitchen

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Miss Lady Lace

Good morning lovelies! 

This morning when preparing breakfast I was admiring the vintage and retro items I have to decorate my kitchen, and thought I’d share with all of you what I think are the essential items to give your kitchen a little vintage flare too! I’m currently renting, so I haven’t been able to turn my kitchen into how I dream it should be, but once I have my own house I’ll be sure to make a DIY renovation blog for completely transforming your kitchen!

Photo in front of my vintage Kitchen. Photo in front of my vintage Kitchen.

Vintage Canisters:

1382816_441152469329904_1067908569_nVintage canisters are the ultimate kitchen accessory for any vintage lover, they’re a spectacular feature item, and very useful at the same time, I use all of my canister daily. This one came with my vintage Kitchenette I bought, but they can be bought new from kitchen stores, vintage canisters can be found at retro…

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