World Health Day and an open apple and marzipan tart …

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Lea Hogg


World Health Day this year focuses on Vector borne disease that kills over a million people every year, 660,000 from malaria alone. And living on a beautiful island blessed with so many good things, I wrote in my column today about wishing to remember those in less fortunate environments and at the very least appreciate what we have around us merely due to the circumstances of our birthplace or what may have brought us here.

I had some left over pastry yesterday and I simply hate to waste any food.

I made this open Apple Tart and covered the pastry with a thin layer of marzipan and topped the apples with cinnamon and honey. The great thing about it is that it takes under 10 minutes of prep time but looks impressive.

You will need:
A large pie dish or cake tin, you are only covering the bottom, this has…

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