Pau Bhaji Khichdi

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Shivaay Delights


When I was younger, I never really took to mung dal khichdi. I found it bland unless it was teamed up with something tasty. I still ate it, knowing it was good for me.

For my children however, I have started to experiment and make different flavours of khichdi. Combining the general rice and lentil base in a “masalafied” vegetable base with different spices is something my children and even me have started to appreciate. This time I wanted a “Pau Bhaji” tasting khichdi and that’s exactly what I have here, to share with you all…


The weather here is gorgeous, enjoy your weekend, wherever you are my friends! Take care and I will see you soon…much love D x


A pizza pitta bread with the khichdi..For my little ones for more variation!


1 cup split mung dal
1 cup basmati rice
4-5 cups of water
1 medium courgette…

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